In our company you are able to repair and maintain all kind of watches/clocks.

  • Wall clocks
  • Pendulum clocks
  • Cuckoo clocks
  • Pocket watches
  • High Horology – Luxury watches (haute horlogerie)
  • Wrist watches
    • Electronic (quartz) watches
    • Automatic ( self-winding ) watches
    • Mechanical watches
    • Diver watches
  • Antique timepieces
  • Alarm clocks
  • Church and Turret clocks
  • Longcase clocks (grandfather)

Our motto is:

Any kind of watch – whatever it needs!

In our company you can find a great variety of accessories (straps and bracelets) as well as new and preowned watches/clocks for purchase.

We have introduced the customized on-demand search for any brand, model and type of watch you are interested in, new and / or preowned. Give us as much information as you know for the watch you like and we will send you our competitive offer.

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